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Kart Republic

Kart Republic was born from a long process of technological implementation. One of our first priorities is to be able to ensure the highest innovation and modernity, for drivers safety and performances. The process leading to the creation of a Kart Republic chassis is divided into several stages; the study of proper scientific applications, the best most innovative software for technical and mechanical design, the quality control, the test on track and racing, all to ensure winning performance. This promise is maintained thanks to the skill of our engineers and thanks to the advanced equipment at their disposal.

Our evolution does not follow the market, but it is part of it, our target is to become a reference point for all the drivers


Kart Republic KR2

The KR2 has a mixture of Ø30mm & Ø32mm, a mixture that has brought much of Dino Chiesa’s success over the past years. This kart is designed to be used in all single speed categories from from Rotax & X30 all the way to the top karting category OK. Magnesium parts as standard, a composite top mounted floor tray and an all new karting specific tubing means the KR2 will always be a top choice for all categories & conditions.

Standard accessories

Composite floor tray, Aluminium pedals with adjustable footrest, all weather steering wheel, magnesium hubs front and rear, nylon front torsion bar.

Recommended classes: KA3, TaG, TaG-R

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Kart Republic Mini

Recommended classes: Cadet 9, Cadet 12

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