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The FA (Fernando Alonso) Kart is part of the OTK Kart Group, an Italian company leader in the karting sector. It was founded in 1996 and immediately became a prominent force in the international karting scene.

FA Kart is a force on Australian tracks, taking many victories in State and National Championships in a wide range of Junior and Senior racing classes.

FA Victory S

Victory R

FA Victory R features a frame with 30mm tubes in molybdenum chrome steel, adjustable in height both front and rear. It is supplied with two torsion bars which allow to modify the rigidity of the chassis.

The adjustment of camber and caster is easily changeable thanks to the incorporated uniball eccentric washers, it is provided with magnesium OTK components. The brake system can be chosen among the BSS – BSD –SA3 according to the category in which is used. Victory R is equipped with OTK adjustable pedals in forged aluminium and with the renewed exhaust supports.

The chassis has OTK M& bodywork, studied and tested in order to reduce the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance and they are complete with distinctive FA Kart graphics.

Recommended classes: KA3, TaG, TaG-R

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FA Nordix


A NORDIX features a frame with 28mm tubes in molybdenum chrome steel with 1010mm wheelbase, suitable for drivers from 12 to 14 years old.

It is available in the Basic version with OTK components in machined aluminium and axle of 30mm or OTK magnesium components and axle of 40mm. It is provided with eccentric washers which allow the adjustment of the camber and caster and with front bar which allows to modify the rigidity of the frame.

It is equipped with OTK BSM brake system, 4 spokes steering wheel high grip, 3L fuel tank, OTK M4 bodyworks complete with stickers and rear plastic bumper.

Recommended classes: KA4 (Junior)

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FA Rocky


The all-new Rocky is OTK’s best evolution, as a small-scale version of upper class competition karts.

The Rocky is designed to best fit the size and needs of children between the ages of 7 and 9 years old. This kart is technologically advanced and designed for high performance, while keeping in mind the maximum driver’s safety. The Rocky chassis has a 900mm wheelbase and is equipped with quick adjustable pedals and a sliding seat which allows position adjustments according to the driver’s height. Both features make it possible to adapt the kart to the child, as he or she grows, making the Rocky a lasting and comfortable kart while keeping the competitive tradition of OTK.

The kart has 28mm diameter tubes and is supplied with other advanced details such as the hydraulic brake system designed specifically for the Rocky frame and a uniquely shaped brake disc. Furthermore, the Rocky is equipped with aluminium AXPQ wheels, a 30mm diameter hollow axle and an alcantara steering wheel of a specific size. Design is paramount to OTK, which is why the new Rocky is equipped with a rear plastic bumper and bodywork with a dedicated racing sticker kit.

Recommended classes: Cadet 9, Cadet 12

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